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Yonex Precision 9.0 Stringing Machine


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Yonex Precision 9.0 Stringing Machine is an electronic machine used for stringing tennis, badminton and soft tennis racquets. Featuring 9 pull speeds, pre-stretch of 1-20% and a tension range of 10-88lbs / 4.4kg-39.4kg.

Precision 9.0 offers a user-friendly and comfortable stringing environment. The control panel can make adjustments for the angle, brightness and sound, plus there is a USB charging port.

Featuring an efficient mounting system, there are lower posts and a compact turntable to enable smoother stringing, combined with an improved grip on the clamps resulting in less string damage.

Precise Automatic Lock Function improves stringing efficiency and speed.

The main post is easily adjustable to enable you to string at the correct height - just one click via the electric elevation system.

Made In Japan.

Size: 102cm X 66cm
Height: Range: 107cm - 137cm
Weight: 73kg

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